Sound Design and Mix

Original title: Sol Mihi Samper Lucet



Credited as: Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mixer


Official Selections: Porto/Post/Doc 2015 (Portugal), L’Alternativa Film Festival 2015 (Spain), CurtoCircuito 2015 (Spain), Alcances Film Festival 2016 (Spain)



The real sets and locations of “Sol Mihi Semper Lucet” are the documental part. A collection of voices and histories runs through the film images, creating an illusion of a narrative in order to evoke a certain state of mind, a hybrid between documentary and fiction. The endless Texas’ prairies and an incandescent sunset transform onto the canvas and illustrate the thoughts about the human condition, on a meditation based on reality.



Directed and Written by Álvaro Fernández-Pulpeiro

Film Editor: Martin Amezaga

VO Recording Engineer: Pete Gummerson