What filmmakers say...

Álvaro Fernández-Pulpeiro, Film Director

I always came to Thomas with impossible and very abstract ideas and situations, proposing an odd style of filmmaking that would make anyone cringe or look away. Images and sounds of distant landscapes, lacking of order or even narrative where to cling oneself. Is not only that he felt at ease with my radical and provoking proposals, he elevated the conversation through critical discussion and technical scrutiny. Working with him is so gratifying and nurturing because of the constant feedback loop that starts at the genesis of the project and I have to say, that never ends. Sound is matter for him, something that haunts a film before our ears listen to it.
I worked alongside Thomas Blazukas in two projects already. First being a tiny frontier short film called Sol mihi temper Lucet, where he single handily composed a symphony of natural sounds which entangled with images all shot during the texan magic hour. This very fast collaborating had superb critics, even received emails acclaiming its sound design from some of the Barcelona´s L'Alternativa Film Festival audience. Our following and most recent collaboration was in a larger and more ambitious project. I had no doubt in my mind who I wanted to direct all sound efforts, as he was the only one that could have done a job so intense and yet so subtle and poetic. 'Nocturne: a Poem of the Sea in Port', a feature length film shot in the distant port of Montevideo, Uruguay, marked our second time working side by side. A 5.1 design elevated the film to unexpected heights of beauty and power, Thomas conducted it like a well experienced orchestra conductor, reacting to my outlandish desires, which come in the form of curve balls, where he one has to read in between the lines to find their true meaning. I have to say that we created a bond so strong, our thoughts and desires were read instantaneously, without delay.
My experience working with Thomas Blazukas can't be better. I believe he is beyond talented and, something I deem more important, committed. He is a true soldier of cinema, real cinema, where one has to close his eyes and believe.

Richard Pinches, Meadow Farm Studios

I commissioned Thomas to produce the sound for our new animated ident. Although I never met him in person on the phone he came across as willing and enthusiastic although ours was only a small project. I briefed him over the phone and he quickly responded with his first attempt . This was a great attempt and he supplied an excellent sound clip which fitted the brief almost perfectly.  We only asked for one small tweak to make it absolutely perfect . I am over the moon  with the result, it fits our animation perfectly. He listened to our brief well and he actually surpassed our expectations. I would definitely recommend him for his speed, skill, positive attitude and creativity.

Catherine Vetere, Producer at 4D Pictures UK

Thomas Blazukas worked as a Dialogue Editor under supervision of Dean Humphries delivering a fantastic soundtrack for our film CHOP CHOP. He put together a great team, handled ADR and delivered great results. I would definitely recommend calling him for future productions.

Ian Robertson, Director

Thomas is brimming with ideas and solutions and his creative instincts are just right. He's also great at working closely with the composer and editor. I felt like the film's sound design was absolutely in confident hands. It's hard to recommend him to others because I want to keep him for myself!

Sam Jones, Director

It was a fantastic experience to work with Thomas. He was really keen to chat extensively on the phone before beginning work to really understand the kind of soundscape I wanted for the film which I thought was a really good sign. We worked together to create an auditory landscape exclusive to the film, which really enhanced the emotion of the film. Thomas really has a focus on the creative potential of sound work which I appreciate greatly. I'd recommend Thomas to anyone!

Jack Stoff, Director

Thomas was a pleasure to work with.  His passion for sound design was clear from the beginning and he was a great collaborator.  His sound skills brought our short film Sin Cuenta to the next level and added a rich, textual layer of audible awesomeness.

Sam Oldmeadow, Director

Thomas has the perfect combination of technical wizardry and emotional sensitivity but most importantly he is a lovely person to be around. I came to him with a very raw and honest documentary predominantly recorded with camera-mounted shotgun-mic. He had the experience to enhance the film to a theatrical level of depth whilst retaining an integrity for the subject matter. Thomas comes highly recommend as a truly inventive Sound Designer who will contribute a wealth of ideas to your project yet he remains flexible and respectful of your ultimate intention and decision.

Tom Werber, Director

Thomas was a pleasure to work with. He was able to absorb ideas and work with them as well as bringing ideas of his own which enhanced the film. He understood the subtleties of what we were looking for and we got a lot of work done in a short time. I would not hesitate in recommending him to other filmmakers.

Jonny Blair, Director

Thomas's diligence and intuition was prevalent from very early on in the process. He was able to translate and articulate my needs as a director into very coherent and thought provoking design. He comes highly recommended.

Rocky Palladino, Director

I would absolutely recommend Thomas. He is fast but thorough. He takes on board suggestions easily and, most importantly, he delivered a very good sound mix.

Marcus Bicknell, Producer

I can say that working with Thomas Blazukas was productive, expert and rather enjoyable. In a couple of hours in his studio, we were able to record the narration of the film and two other voices... Clarence Bicknell himself and a mystery woman named Alice Campbell - from the late 19th century. Thomas made us all feel at ease and the process of getting them recorded appeared quite simple. The final edit with Thomas's voice recordings was of a high quality.

Simon Wade, Director, Producer

I found working with Thom to be a really excellent creative and collaborative experience. From the very beginning he was fully invested in our film and his enthusiasm and creativity was infectious.

Thom's energy, his immense talent and love for what he does was an integral part in realising the world of our film. It's rare to be able to work with someone creatively who not only completely gets the project and understands what you are looking for, whether that be tonally or stylistically, but also is able to use sound to elevate the film in ways you didn't expect. His work speaks for itself.